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Thinking of selling your home in
Buncombe or Madison County?

Your home deserves the best possible marketing. Too many
times I see a home for sale with dark, crooked photos, or
photos and descriptions that do a poor job of representing
what the home has to offer. Granted, we are only given a
limited amount of space in the Multiple Listing Service but
that's why I also utilize single property websites. These allow
me to tell the full story with additional verbiage and unlimited
photos. I ensure that every aspect of a property that I market
is done with my artistic experience front and center. How your
home is represented is very important to me. Almost every
home search starts on the internet.  This is why photos and
descriptions are so important.

When you list your home with me, you are entrusting your
home to an artist with years of marketing experience. You are
listing with someone who truly cares.
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If you live in Asheville you probably drive a Subaru, you have a dog
and you realized your lifelong dream of learning a musical
instrument. If you are moving to Asheville, you will be handed these
things as you enter city limits.

Just kidding! (only slightly)

Asheville is all about the outdoors, having fun, sharing that fun with
your dog and socializing over really great music. It's also the place
that we call home and what a lovely home it is.

Each persons idea of "home" is a bit different. Often your home is
also your business, your studio or your retreat from everyday life.
Whether you are buying or selling, my goal is your goal.......that
perfect place that fits your needs and your lifestyle. If I am marketing
your home to sell, my objective is to express in language and in
images how your home will be the one that a buyer will grow and
thrive in. If you are ready to buy, I will listen to your specific needs
and work hard to see them realized.
My passion is homes.
Let me share that passion with you!
Susan M. Young & Tripp
Real Estate Broker
General Contractor